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Evaluating Fresh Expressions

Explorations in Emerging Church

Edited by Louise Nelstrom and Martyn Percy


Price: £16.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
GoodBookStall Review:
Brilliant. This book has added value. I thought it would be a Haynes Manual exploration and say whether a new Mums and Toddler group counts as a ‘Fresh Expression’. It does explore definitions and examples in the first chapter, but then offers far more. It was such an exciting read I couldn’t put it down! The different contributors bring extra dimensions and ask critical questions. They bring wonderful insights in to the relationship between ‘inherited’ and ‘emerging’ re Rowan Williams phrase about the need for a ‘mixed economy’. The social and psychological studies relating to ‘new and traditional’, as well as ‘large and small’, were particularly stimulating, while the theological and practical questions were explored head on. My copy was well read and margin marked on many pages. A sign of a good book is that it makes you want to write another one. I wish I had the time, as Evaluating Fresh Expressions certainly provided the inclination!

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Reviewer: Jim Currin   (06/08/09)
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