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In Godís Image: The Divine Origin of Humans

Creation Points

by Stuart Burgess

GoodBookStall Review:
Sold in packs of five for £10.00
This book is an ideal companion to Creation and Evolution, another Creation Points book. Stuart Burgess approaches the topic in a different way by looking at the uniqueness of man. As a designer in engineering he approaches the topic by looking at the uniqueness of man when compared with animals, from a designer s perspective. He raises a number of important differences between man and ape that enable man to walk in an upright manner. One of the key issues being the design of the foot, which some scientists believe could not have evolved, as it would have required several parts to have come into existence simultaneously. He also looks at a number of other features unique to man. The second part of the book is a brief overview and rebuff of the historical evidence that man evolved from the ape. It is very useful to have this information collated in the manner that Stuart Burgess does, it raises a number of issues evolution theorists will have great difficulty in answering.

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Reviewer: Bob Stoneham   (06/07/09)

Stapled A4
Price: £2.00
Publisher:Day One Publications

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