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Loving the Way Jesus Loves

by Phil Ryken


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Crossway Books from IVP
Published:January 2012
GoodBookStall Review:
Ryken combines an incredible knowledge of scripture with a knowledge of classical and modern culture, and a breadth and depth of reading in historic and current Christian literature—all the while keeping Scripture in its central place. This is a cutting, clear and Christ-exalting sweep on one of the most majestic chapters in all of scripture: 1 Corinthians 13.
You will come away from his book softened, mellowed, calmed, entranced, even inspired, and all by an eloquently stunning exposition of love. I found myself humming simple choruses of love and worship back to Jesus while reading this. IVP are to be congratulated on possibly their most attractive title to date in format, font, styling and artwork. Heart searching but truly faith affirming and a rare title that will thrill you with all that Christ means! A top class pursuit of love!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (12/04/12)
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