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How to be a Great Godparent

Your Guide to Fulfilling a Wonderful Role

by Susan Hardwick

GoodBookStall Review:
The ‘great’ here is not a generational category like ‘great-grandparent’ but a qualitative judgement. How can I be great in my role as a godparent to my godchild? Here is an attempted answer. Non-denominational, or rather, inclusive of many denominations, the author’s suggested prayer routines make the god-parenting role far more of a commitment than it would otherwise be – even life-long. Thus there are prayers and themes for each day of the week, e.g. ‘Monday - My godchild’s wisdom and learning’. Events in the life-cycle are also marked - the day of the Baptism, birthdays, anniversary of Baptism and so on. Prayers for the god-parent are also included to highlight this unique relationship and its responsibilities.

Reviewer: Ian Gibbs   (06/12/07)

Price: £5.99
Publisher:Kevin Mayhew Ltd
Published:Summer 2007

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