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Out of the Shadows

by Graham Ingram


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Publisher:Church Home Group Resources Ltd
GoodBookStall Review:
This is written by a celibate, gay, evangelical minister and needs to be read by as many people as possible. Cast aside your preconceived ideas and beliefs before you start to read this book and read with an open mind. This is what I have done, and although this was originally published in 2008, it is so very relevant today.
Coming from an Evangelical background and experience you might think this book is not for those of us from a different background. Not so! Much of what Graham Ingram writes is necessary reading for every one of us - sadly so.
I made a note of one particular passage - "Gay people differ from other cultural minorities in that they start their journey alone. It takes two straights to make a gay. In a society which has no positive or overt understanding of same sex attraction, the journey starts in unnamed darkness and involves considerable pain." Graham Ingram tells of his own darkness and pain, not to make us sorry for him, but to help us understand the position gay people of both sexes find themselves in.
The author has spent his life sharing the Good News of the Gospel with people of every description. Jesus brought the Good News to all, he did not discriminate and nor should we.
Read, learn and inwardly digest: I found it well worthwhile.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (14/11/12)
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