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KJV Transetto edition - green


Price: £15.99
Publisher:Cambridge University Press (CUP )
Published:03 March 2011
GoodBookStall Review:
KJV - King James or 'Authorised' Version
This is the first time I have entered an image of inside a book, instead of the cover, but I wanted to draw attention to the unusual format. This is a pocket/handbag size complete Bible, 80 x 117mm, printed on thin ‘Bible’ paper, but loosely bound so that you read down across both pages, making it clear and simple to read. I am very impressed, available in three colours, it seems robust and comfortable to handle and I am sure we will soon see this format elsewhere. Published in the 400th anniversary year of the King James Bible, I congratulate Cambridge University Press for introducing this new format.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (01/06/11)
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