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Confirmation Book for Adults

by Sharon Swain

GoodBookStall Review:
Not just a handbook to use for adult confirmation classes, but also a very useful book to give to adults who may be considering taking confirmation and not knowing enough about it, and perhaps are afraid to ask. Detailed chapters deal with what we understand by the call to baptism and confirmation and goes into detail about belief, the creedal statements we know are part of that belief, and what commitment as a Christian means for the future life. Needless to say every chapter that introduces a topic is backed up by biblical resource and discussion notes, so this book can be used very successfully as the basis for a confirmation course as well as the use of an individual. The language is easily understood and the arguments are sound, with plenty of chance to dig deeper if wanted to. The author has herself been in many church situations and realise the need for a book that can be understood by all.

Reviewer: Ian Gibson   (27/02/08)

Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:January 2008

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