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God is Red

The Secret Story of How Christianity Survived and Flourished in Communist China

by Liao Yiwu


Price: £18.99
Publisher:Harper One from Gardners Books
Published:September 2011
GoodBookStall Review:
‘Liao Yiwu is the most censored contemporary writer in China today.’ (page v)
Yiwu writes about the church in China as a ‘non-believer’, and in this sense his perspective is that of an outsider, giving him an unique perspective on it. The book’s eighteen chapters span the time between 2002 and 2010, though they also reflect on the past experiences of those concerned. The style of writing is that of reflective essays based on interviews with those mentioned in the pages.
These are interviews with real people and their life stories are presented concisely and movingly - their steadfast loyalty to Christ is set alongside their fears and failures. Liao Yiwu opens a window onto the resurgence of Christianity, exploring it in the context of the brutal repression of the past, the continuing persecution of the church in the present and the countries move toward modernisation and consumerism.
It is in many ways a roll call of every day heroes, people like Wang Zhiming who was executed in 1973. He is one of the ten twentieth century martyrs honoured with statues in Westminster Abbey. Wang’s story is told by his son, himself a church leader in China.
This is a book that will move, challenge and encourage the reader.

Reviewer: John Macaulay   (24/11/11)
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