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Friends and Heroes

Episodes 1 and 2 plus exciting extras

Episode 1 story by Brian D. Brown & Eric J. Danenberg, Episode 2 by Eric J. Danenberg


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Publisher:Friends and Heroes Productions Ltd
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Episode 1 is the first of a mammoth production of 39 episodes in three series, telling the story of Macky and his friend Portia. This first episode sets the scene of what living as Christians in Alexandria, Egypt, a port under tight Roman control is like in the ancient world of the First Century. Macky, lives with his father and mother, and when he finds two little girls, refugees from Judea, he helps them escape from the Romans who are chasing them. Their father is an old friend of Macky’s father, Samuel the silversmith, and together he and his father persuade Macky’s mother to take Rebecca and Leah into her care. This puts the lives of the family at risk, as the Romans continue to search for the girls.....
Episode 2 introduces Portia to the story. A high born Roman girl with a mind of her own, who is saved from injury when Macky stops her runaway horse and slowly an unusual friendship develops as both children learn about the other’s situation.
These animated stories are absorbing to watch as Macky and his family and friends get into all sorts of scrapes and have exciting adventures, but each give an opportunity for them to be reminded of a story from the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New. Cleverly the animation of these stories is different to that of Macky and his family and friends and so make the point that these are not historical fiction, but biblical truth.
There is so much more to Friends and Heroes than three series of DVDs! (Series one: Alexandria, Egypt – 69AD, Series two: Jerusalem – 70AD, Series three: Rome - 71 AD) If you look at their website you will find links to many resources to help individual families, churches and schools get the maximum benefit from these delightful stories.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (19/07/11)
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