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Being Baptised

The Handbook to Believers Baptism

by Stephen Gaukroger

GoodBookStall Review:
This book is a ‘straight down the middle’, clear and easy to read book which explains what being baptised is all about. This is a book to recommend as its informal style really helps the new believer understand what they are doing. Stephen again manages to put across this theological issue in a lively and fresh manner. I would recommend this book to any Christian as it helps to promote the significance of Baptism as a clear sign of a change in someone’s life and as such as a means to reach other people. This is a good book. It’s not dry, it’s mildly witty and achieves much in a short space where others have tended to over complicate the issue.

Reviewer: Andrew Elliott   (07/09/03)

Price: £4.99
Publisher:SU (Scripture Union)
Published:Spring 2003

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