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My Baptism Book

A Child’s Guide to Baptism

by Dianna Murrie

GoodBookStall Review:
In the publisher’s words – ‘This book aims to help children understand Baptism. It may be read by an adult and child together, or be used in more formal Baptism preparation with a family or an older child. It also serves as a reminder of a child’s baptism – one which a child may wish to return to again and again.’
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An attractive book to read through with the very young but equally good for those learning to read to look at for themselves. When so many children are brought for Baptism by non church going parents, it is important that they be helped to understand what is going on. Equally, for those who are in church Sunday by Sunday, they may also need further time spent with them so that they realise the importance of the occasion and that something very special is happening.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (22/03/06)

Price: £6.99
Publisher:CHP (Church House Publishing)
Published:17 February 2006

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