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Confirmation Prayer Book

by Stephen Lake

GoodBookStall Review:
Available in either Blue or White binding. The ISBN for blue is 0-281-05541-6, for white it is 0-281-05462-2

The Bp of Salisbury, David Stancliffe, says in the Forward ‘This book should be in the hands of everyone who is being, or has been, confirmed. You will find encouragement to pray regularly and help in taking part in the Church’s worship.’ The author is an experienced parish priest, and has obviously compiled this book as a direct result of his awareness of the need for a book of this description. Beautifully presented, a pleasure to handle and read, there is a lot of useful guidance, and facts to refer to.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (14/02/03)

Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:Spring 2002

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